Why’s Drupal The Top Choice For Smart Marketers? Whole 10 Answers!

inShare Drupal is great with its integrated tools that give you as much data as you need and more. The tools will assist you in finding out who your users are, what they want from life in general and from your site particularly. Going way deeper with user interactions is what Drupal’s good at. Let’s not call this answer one. This is but a pleasant informational bonus. And now to our answers list. Answer 1 Drupal’s popular. Lot’s op the top internets sites are Drupal-based. Drupal was used in more than 1 million pages has the impressive 20.000 requests per second! Thus you will definitely not outgrow Drupal. Just keep adding and editing content rather than making new one. Answer 2 Your marketing strategy is executed with ease. Creation of appropriate content is like the biggest part of every enterprise sites marketing strategy. Thus the possibility of changing and adding content in a quick and easy way does make life simpler. Blog posts, videos, banners, landing pages and much more may be added by simply filling a form. Answer 3 Marketing can get automated. And every respectful automation platform already has means of easy integration to Drupal preinstalled. That fact, by itself, is an extra point to Drupal. Answer 4 An effective workflow is easy to be established. Drupal allows you to easily create and customize a workflow that will fit your businesses needs and expectations. Answer 5 The architecture of the Drupal platforms grants you the possibility of creating a dynamic website. Thus you will be able to deliver segmented content. You will even have the possibility of transforming your static page into a dynamic one. Answer 6 Drupal saves money. It has no license or any other fees thus it is saving the marketing budget. You are free to download, modify and do whatever your heart desires with Drupal an nobody will charge you even a dime. Answer 7 You don’t have to be an IT expert to manage most things you will be needing for marketing. Drupal is simple to use and maintain. Answer 8 You will always be supported. There is an entire Drupal community with blogs, forums, tips for you to use. Ask the question and you will be answered. That is indeed handy. Answer 9 Search Engine Optimization will go as smooth as it gets. Drupal will reward you with all the power you need to poses while optimizing your site for the mean old search engines. Answer 10 Security. You’ll get everything as safe as it gets. Lot’s if Drupal experts are constantly working on security in order for their software to remain safe. It’s good enough for whitehouse.gov, what else should I say?