7 Best Tools in Drupal Development

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Drupal development can be likened to cooking. Generally, the main ingredients utilized include the Drupal core and contributed modules. Following this, there is a standard recipe that involves creating content types, writing custom modules, and creating views. The end result, however, usually depends on the techniques and tools employed as well as the developer’s own secret ingredients.
Version Control with SVN One of the most important elements of coding is the ability to revert and save work selectively. SVN version control allows for the involvement of external developers in client processes and provides projects with multiple developers. Note that there are other version control systems such as Bazaar and Git, which offer more features.
Drush Drush is a great asset when it comes to updating and installing the 30 modules typically included in an average website. A symlinked wrapper is deployed around Drush with every rollout of multiple sites, allowing for easier updating of modules on a Drupal site. Furthermore, Drush is also useful in manipulating Drupal functionality, such as logging into the MySQL database with the right privileges to run any pending database updates (drush updatedb), running cron (drush cron), and more. Expanding Drush’s capabilities is also relatively easy