Drupal Joomla Conversion Solution Creates Opportunity CMS Community

CNP Integrations revealed their proprietary transition solution for Drupal to Joomla platform migration, giving webmasters access to the renowned Drupal formation to enjoy the simplicity of use and expandable framework of the powerful Joomla! CMS. The CNP solution quickly and securely transfers content directly from the Drupal database system into a new Joomla! prescription. CNP’s transition process interfaces with Drupal’s fundamental maintenance features, to transfer all existing content, even comments! Additional features and capabilities are also accessible with the upgraded Joomla systems using the renowned K2 extension.

Reflecting today’s trend to maximize return on investment, particularly as it relates to human capital, it is no surprise that webmasters are considering every way they can reduce the overhead and time constraints of managing their work, without any losses of the effectiveness and capabilities of their work. Joomla! is very popular for ease of use for non- technical users while being flexible enough to be trusted and employed by major corporate entities such as Shell Oil, Ebay, The United Nations McDonalds and many others worldwide. This gives Joomla a considerable potency in impressive content collaboration and management.