Some Pieces of Advice How to Plan Your Drupal Site

Building a public-facing web site is a very important step for your company. You will not have a second chance to present your web site and to make first impression one more time. Audient’s verdicts are swift. Developers have advantage of “beta” period, but eventually every enterprise-level Web site has to face a test by audience. The prepare period includes different time processes: some of them are necessary, while others devour time with no a big results. Technical assets and business goals are the most important aspects of effective preparation process. And the core of success is in the combination of these two arias. Defining what exactly your business needs The most common questions we hear from our customers are: How much does it cost? How long it would take? You will surprise, but usually the cheaper is well-framed project with ambitious goals than poorly framed project with simple goals. The first we need to know is who are your target clients? And the answer includes: a demographic information; the way of interaction with Web site; the time has been used for Internet and used ways; the amount of your “offline” interactions; familiarity with online social networking; similarity between your site and other already visited sites. This is a good opportunity for you to practice with your imagination. Try to find the perfect exchange between your web site and site visitors. Try to give them smiling and satisfying after visiting of your site. Depend on your decision at this point you choose technical design of your site. This planning helps to drive a design and prevent the need to develop a custom module two weeks before launch. While planning your Drupal site Another question you have to answer is what assets do you have? The most common aspects you have to drill deeper: If you already have a Web site you should define the parts you want to integrate to your new site; Define “offline” assets that should be brought “online”; Define the changes that could make your site clearer, more structured and friendlier. You can start this process only when you know what is on hand. So, how do you know if you succeed? The answer can be given by modern Web tools that can measure a volume of visitors and track their behavior. But many administrators regard these tools as an afterthought. So, fulfillment is impossible without a business goal. You have to be sure “what do you already have” and “what do you want” for executing of your plan.