You Can Reinvent the Web with the Use of Mobile Devices

The third and final DrupalCon keynote was given by Luke Wroblewski in “hangover slot.” This speech was about putting mobile design first. We are sincerely sorry for those conference participants who slept while this inspiring, entertaining talk. Luke is the author of three popular web design books, in addition to numerous articles about digital product strategy and design. He is also a permanently top-rated speaker at companies and conferences around the world. His keynote began with a simple message, “Let’s start thinking about things for mobile first.” Growth of Market There were a lot of interesting information in Wroblewski’s speech and slides to support his points . Maybe the most impressive fact was that there are about 371,000 babies born every day, but at the same time 1.5 million of mobile devices are produced daily. The main message of his speech was that mobile devices had become the “personal computer,” which we practically carry with us all the time. We are talking not only about the United States. More than 50% of the people from Africa and Asia, who need access to the Internet do it with a mobile device. That number is closer to 22%, but it is expected to reach a level of 50% by 2015. Speaking of mobile payments Wroblewski pointed, that Kenya is consider to be the Silicon Valley of banking, because mobile payments are huge there. He also noted that PayPal was ahead of itself despite that fact that the company was conceived as a mobile payment solution. PayPal funds in payments increased from US$ 141 million to US$ 4 billion during a period of time from 2009 to 2011. New Matters of Screen Size 80% of desktop page won’t fit on the screen due to the fact that mobile screen size is 320×480. Do you know why Wroblewski thinks that this is awesome? The reason is that mobile versions led to an improved new online experience. If you create the website after creating its mobile version, it will be definitely much better. Plus, when your site comes to mobile design, users are working the device with partial attention and that fact certainly requires focused design. Innovation The facilities of mobile devices open a lot of space for innovation. Mobile devices can rotate, move and be amazingly flexible. We should pointed out such incredible things as the ability to scan elements to check out of a shop, with the help of a mobile camera photo of a check, to make a bank operation and Goggle’s facility to scan a piece of art and identify it. The closing one and widely known fact about grocery shopping in Korea! Tesco allows people scan QR codes on posters in subway stations. This is the way how you make a purchase, which is delivered to your home later.