The New Branch Of Drupalution

inShare Let’s imagine we need to make a git repository because we have a brand-new task on Why create a master branch? No seriously, we’ll need the 6.x-1.x or 7.x-1.x branches that already have special meanings. And yet the big bad does not allow us to modify or replace the default branch. So if there is technically no branch that is named “master” there will be a pretty much the same default branch. Thus repo is experiencing difficulties sometimes. For example: This one’s a bit rough yet you have the possibility to make developers use the branch name while cloning: That’s what Drupal will be able to say about all of this. It’ll try to tell the devs what to do on the version control lab. Fixing: the boring path So if you are such a nice and lovely fellow the right thing to do in this position would be to commit and deploy the issue to Yet where’s the fun in that, right? What else can be done? (With fun) So let’s get to making ourselves a quite and clean repo checkout. What needs to be done is the creation of a whole new git tree to work with, thus leveling it up to the master branch. That way your branches will use no same commits with the master brunch. Now try: Thus you’ll possess a master branch with but one commit – leave me alone and go elsewhere. It will be like a simple guiding star with one purpose only – showing people where the code is.