Tips to Change the Drupal Homepage

Drupal developers should make a copy of the homepage, edit HTML and create a new look of it before using CMS. Sometimes when creating new event or news story you can be asked to change a homepage and the process may be broken. So before the breaking, you need to recognize what kind of results you would get. Nobody knows what kind of issue will arise, but the team should be ready to make the right decision in order to easy switch-out homepage content. Don’t limit the range of ideas: it keeps you prepared. Let your team to create as more templates as they want, because you never know which one you’ll need. Methods of changing homepage layouts in Drupal Write custom HTML to change layouts; Disable blocks which are on the homepage, create a new one; Use panels for creation of custom HTML content. How to update the homepage layout without writing a code? It could happen that developer isn’t available at the moment or some details were lost when code updating. So to create the initial templates and further any content manager can switch it to new one, you need to arm by the next list: panels, context, view modes. View Modes This is pretty new term. View modes are the varying displays of content. It must be set up to change a homepage quickly. Panels Administration can customize layouts for pages using website Panels. So via drag and drop interface you can view displays for a various image sizes, summary length, etc.; it could be enabled, disabled or arranged. So Panels method is a good method to move content around in big scales. Context A custom module that was written by the developer allows user selecting a context either by the name or visually. After this selection the process of activating or deactivating will be started.