Our PHP developers at the PHPBenelux Conference-2012

Recently DrupalDriven’s programmers took part in the PHPBenelux Conference-2012, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium on January, 27-28. This conference is one of the most popular and large ones. PHPBenelux Conference gathers PHP developers and other IT world specialists in one place to discuss the most interesting from PHP World. There were members and guests from all over the world, that’s why the event was really solid and considerable. This year the conference took part in the Best Western Hotel Elst in Antwerp. The event was spread over two days: it started with tutorials on Friday morning and ended on Saturday evening with a closing party. There was a large number of members and speakers from all over the world, that’s why the conference was spread over some parallel tracks: Enrise room, Microsoft room and Combell room. This conference was a great experience for our PHP specialists who provide quality Drupal development services as it was focused on the main problems and issues of the modern PHP world. The main theme groups of the speakers’ reports were: user and mobile programming innovations, modular application architecture, cloud computing, data structure and others. Despite that our developers were only listeners of the conference and didn’t present any reports, they got a lot of benefits from visiting this event: Got PHP experience by communicating with the best minds of PHP development, architecture and design Discovered some new techniques in Cloud computing Gained new knowledge in PHP development theory and practice from speakers’ reports Discovered new secrets and innovations in using the PHP language We think that PHPBenelux Conference-2012 was a great experience for our developers. We also find important to attend such events, because they let different specialists share their own knowledge and gain it from others. This is a must for IT company which wants to grow and supply its clients with the best solutions.