TOP arguments why Drupal is the best CMS for SEO

inShare Professionally developed website with high-end design can bring a very good impression of you or your company. But that is just not enough and it will not guarantee your site to get into the top of the search engine results page. For that reason we use search engine optimization (SEO) that differs from HTML of past, because the sites of today is much more complicated. Owners of sites should know that SEO success could make or break their efforts. What search engines are looking at is the HTML generated by the content management system (CMS). Drupal, as the open source CMS, apply a framework of PHP code, APIs, databases, template files, CSS, and JavaScript to maintain an HTML of a web page. It is a very powerful system that can be used for big, difficult and sophisticated sites, and it’s the best platform that exists today for SEO. Drupal makes it easy to practice good SEO. With Drupal and the help of certain modules you will have a higher rate of search engine success. Drupal’s built-in tools for automating SEO on huge quantity of content gives you total power over every single element and detail of the site. It puts Drupal ahead of the rest, including Joomla and WordPress. Here are some reasons why Drupal is best CMS for SEO: SEO-friendly URLs. You control URL structure. Every single item of your site will be provided with a custom url. Search engine-friendly URLs are based on content type (blog post, page, user), keyword or any item of the content. Editing and revisions. Drupal’s built-in version control lets you save new versions of your Web pages once they are edited. This allows you to go back to old versions at any time. Custom content types and views. You don’t have to write a code. You can use a content construction kit and view modules to build new content types and advanced views for these types. No additional knowledge is needed to create such types. Most content management systems require additional written code for creating these types, but not Drupal. Multiple user management. Drupal is well-known because it’s easy to optimize. There is no limit in users’ roles and access levels that you can create and modify. Titles of your pages. The title tag is widely recognized as a key element in every page’s ranking in the search engine. It’s very important issue that you can use in order to improve your website SEO. Magic of taxonomy. Drupal has very powerful and efficient taxonomy system that lets you to organize and tag content with key-words. MetaTags. Meta keywords and meta -description are still considered to play an important role in search engine rankings. Google Analytics assimilation. No programming is required, all is for free. Just use free Google Analytics module for Drupal and you will show and hidу analytics code. Site map. The Site map module will create a complete sitemap for your site. This will improve your sites’ SEO. Easy in use. To start using Drupal is very easy. Have a Drupal checklist module, set it into your sites/all/modules folder on your server and turn it on. Active community. Drupal has large community of users and developers, who are very active. You can get a lot of modules that can turn your using experience with Drupal into exciting one . Absolutely free. Drupal modules are free. No license is requires. Simple download it and start using. Using Drupal you are on your way to the best SEO experience you’ve ever had on a CMS.