Spam Protection for Drupal Site

Spam is the headache in each and every of its forms. Links in comments from users with 1 post, endless xrumer-created accounts and other cases are simply the side effects of our own useful activity on the Internet. CAPTCHA is a well-known and reliable solution; however, it decreases the overall comments rate by nearly 15%. Filling the reCAPTCHA is the pure evil in my opinion, to say the least. This makes avoiding using CAPTCHA (or minimizing the efforts on this) the optimal solution for spam protection. Over several years of working with Drupal a plenty of options were tested: pre-moderation without using CAPTCHA along with different modules combinations for anti-spam protection. The perfect choice currently available is Simple Anti-Spam. It adds two checkboxes to the form, “I am not a spammer” or “I am a spammer”. The first one is shown to visitors, the second is seen – and inevitably clicked along with others – by spam-bots. Ticking the checkbox is a way easier and more convenient than reading the bended numbers and letters of CAPTCHA; mistake is also impossible. This variant of fighting spam was used for several years already on many WordPress blogs. It was the most convenient and efficient, as it did not harass the commenters. Simple Anti-Spam allows filling in the ID’s of forms to be protected. The CAPTCHA and CAPTCHA Pack modules were previously mainly used for that. ASCII CAPTCHA, foo CAPTCHA are really easy and recognizable for humans, removing spam at once. Well, human-posted spam is present still, but not a single CAPTCHA can stop the live spammer. However, comments quantity substantially decreased, which was unacceptable. As bloggers were not satisfied with this situation, Simple Anti-Spam came into action. More examples of anti-spam modules are Botcha, Hidden CAPTCHA, Honeypot, Blogspam and Spambot. The extreme solution for this problem might be replacing the original comments with Disqus module. In that case moderation is done by the service and spam comments do not even reach your site. The module itself looks nice and has a convenient set of functions. However, original comments are more valuable and Disqus module is mostly replaced by now. Decision upon using this module or set of modules is up to you. The currently available amount of different anti-spam protection modules is quite large. They may appear efficient or not, so feel free to try them out! Anyway, DrupalDriven team of experts is always ready to develop special module which meets all your requirements.