7 Tips How To Arrange Meeting For Drupal Users

Drupal, like many relative systems, is build around community. As this audience grows we need to organize grassroots meetings to provide Drupal with success. We need new attendees, new talents, fresh thoughts, contributors, etc. to develop our community and share experience. We hope following advices can help you to gather Drupal developers and arrange a meeting. Location. Well, it is pretty easy. You may ask collages, restaurants, libraries, etc. if you can use a banquet area or special rooms. In most of the cases they’ll agree to provide you some place for your conference, even if they have never used Drupal. Advertising/Marketing. To advertise your event, cooperate to other relative groups, ask for promotion in classrooms or computer areas someone from university. Using social media, ads in newspapers also help you to advertise Drupal event. Presentation ideas. There are few user cross-sections in the most of the groups with all levels of Drupal developers. So it is very difficult to find something that could be enlightening to beginner, intermediate and advanced users. After session started you should acquainted with new visitors to know how they had found you, to find out their professional experience and why they are interested in such kind of developments. Attendance. To attract more visitors use specialized web sides such as meetup.com, groups.drupal.org. But the best way use your own web site to coordinate everyone. Leadership. The better to attract leaders, than make everything by yourself. Create a core group consists of 3-4 willing volunteers, something like sub-committees. Divide and conquer responsibilities, roles, etc. Sponsorships. When you need sponsors do not be afraid asking. Some companies just need money to cover food and drinks costs. So try to find recruiters or relative agencies who want to get some exposure for their help. Identifying speakers. First you should find out what topics attendees want to hear, than make topic list and now you need to find someone who wants to tell about it. Start asking! You need experienced in defined topic speaker. To find these people you can visit seminars, workshops, etc. and propose someone to make presentation for Drupal audience.