4 Things Customers Love about Agile Drupal Development

Building Drupal applications is difficult and takes skill, experience and agility to overcome risks and develop the best solutions to users’ needs quickly. In short, Agile development is the development in a very collaborative environment which involves constant feedback for making frequent adjustments. Drupal development in Agile environment brings great results, and here is why. Reusable Code Agile is also about reusable code and avoiding “reinventing the wheel”. Drupal offers a fantastic framework with features easily to add from a vast modules library. With over 16,000 available modules at hand, the majority project requirements are usually addressed by Drupal core and add-on modules available. Even with customization needed, it is handy to hook into the functionality of Drupal core to ensure rapid application development. Team Approach In Agile methodology project managers, developers and customers work closely together in a team to produce a better product. Small Drupal development teams share the peer reviewed code and adding in their insight and experience. The clients are involved in close cooperation with the project team, providing their feedback and keeping track of the project issues. The Drupal community also has a wide network of more than 30,000 developer contributors who provide updates and help improve the software. This collaboration is always focused on the end user whom the team’s working for. Iterations Work progress is measured in iterations, small time blocks where some set of features is identified and implemented. They are normally demonstrated to the customer to get feedback and make sure their needs are met, as well as enable their input in improvement. This practice keeps customers well informed about the project progress and status as well as helps prevent minor problems from getting worse. Version Control Version control software accounts for keeping code error free, up to date and secure. Version control makes reverting back to the earlier versions easy, in case modified or new code has some unintended or unexpected consequences. It also enables easy updating, versioning and patching of software as well as keeps track of different changes of the development team and prevents team members from overwriting other people’s work. The open source software for version control Git performs beautifully on Drupal. It is free, robust, multi-featured and works on all major platforms. Customers are happy about their Drupal-powered products developed in Agile methods because they stay informed during the whole process, their problems are minimized, their costs are down, and the development is faster. Therefore, despite all unique characteristics and possible complexities of the project, staying agile can make it a beautiful thing all the same.