Is There a Single Drupal Way?

Tweet Part I. Creativity Surely every Drupal developer was once brave and bald. Some time ago there were no rules one was not breaking. And all those heroes were coming to one conclusion. But we will get to that later on. Every young developer whether Drupal or not feels his skills and knowledge are far exceeding of those making warning signs. So every developer used to have a bunch of sites where Drupal core was hacked, logic was added to templates, modules were added to root, etc. And all was seemingly working just fine giving more credit do such a developers ‘I’m the best this world has got’ self-esteem until…

Then any security update came along and all such developers had was a total mess and lots of head-ache. That is the point where vows are coming from the heart to listen to everybody with more experience and to accept all the axioms of Drupal development. And things are going great for some time for such developers. Afterwards there will be many mistakes made and blood spilled over multiple projects. Bu, at a certain point in his career any developer will realize one idea that will change his life forever. This only comes with experience, but at some point this thought always takes place within every developer’s head. A thought stating “why don’t I consider doing things right from the start before even beginning work?” Part II.

Zen Afterwards there is a moment when a Developer achieves Zen. He reaches into the universe and gets a response stating careful thinking before diving into a project is a splendid solution. This feeling of piece and concentration on things that actually matter is unforgettable. There is only one downside of achieving Zen. The feeling does not last as it gets smashed to bids shortly with experience. Part III. Experience or True Power of a Drupal Way master Shortly after Zen any developer will realize he has more than one way to achieve solutions fitting business requirements. There is in no way one clear path or a guideline. Some decisions will do for the better, others will do the opposite, but there are options. There are always options. Sadly this knowledge comes only after years of hard lumps, tears and sweat. But it is totally worth it.