Multilingual Initiative meeting about Drupal 8

On April 11, 2012 you could participated in amazing Multilingual Initiative meeting dedicated to Drupal 8. During this meeting current top priority tasks were reviewed and some new tasks, which would be in focus in the nearest future, were discussed. Specialists from DrupalDriven were participating in this meeting. Meeting took place in the Drupal IRC channel – #drupal-i18n . The Drupal IRC channels are vital for connecting the community. They are not only an excellent way to get effective, fast support, but they allow users to find out a lot of interesting things about Drupal and to get more involved. Drupal uses the FreeNode IRC network,, and occupies the following channels, as well as these Regional IRC Drupal channels. The thing is there are many issues in Drupal lingering with big change proposals but lack of people working on them. There is no possibility to reach far in Drupal 8 if all the people from Drupal community don’t pick up these tasks again. Our Drupal development specialists were really impressed, because it was a lot of people at that meeting, who really wanted to help in improving Drupal. There were a lot of tasks given for specialists with different skills and interests.