10 Awesome Things to Do With Drupal: No Coding Skills Required

inShare Drupal is a free open-source solution for creative people. You may lack some technical skill, and be a successful content manager. You have Drupal, don’t you? Plus there are tons of tutorials, workshops, community support and stuff like that with Drupal. You can find all the resources you need simply lying around the web and waiting for you to pick them up. From the beginning I would like to notice, that this article is in no way supporting lazy people, that don’t want to educate. Not knowing programing is one thing, not willing to know – the other. Coding skills are useful, and you will need to learn if you want to master IT. But let’s skip all this boring righteous blah-blah and get to fun! Number one! Creating web pages is definitely number one to me. You don’t need to know a single line of code – edit and add from your browser. Number two! Have fun with friends. Just create access “roles” and assign them to users you want to have the abilities to view, add or delete data. Number three! Be the boss. Know all the statistics you need, like the number of hits your page gets. There are a total of 23 modules that can be added for even cooler statistics. Number four! You have the power over the freedom of speech. It’s only for you to decide whether users will be able to comment, subscribe or vote. At least on your web-page. Number five! Create your own themes and templates. You wand a cool black web-page with all the ninjas and dinosaurs one can get or a pink fairy-tale princess blog? Be my guest, and make your creation as unique, as possible. Number six! Your personal content. Fill your page with all you have desired for and even more. Number seven! Feel free to continue creating: side-bars, calendars, search-boxes, whatever your soul desires. Number eight! Forms, surveys and analysis can be completed without coding and even automatically. Number nine! Be a bit of a burglar. Kidding. You will have the possibility to use things other people created free of charge and legally. Number ten! Categorizing content on your page can also be done without coding. And content will be displayed in the proper category automatically. Now I know, what you “adults” have to say about this entire article. I’d love to notice, though, that these are tips for beginners. Kids nowadays tend to quit all that is hard to them. But, I believe, all it takes – is getting them interested. I want the young minds to learn through fun. And they need to start somewhere.