Want A Great E-Commerce Site? Drupal Commerce’s Your Solution

inShare Why choose Drupal? The market of solutions for e-commerce is big with giants like Magento or Prestashop. Yet there is always a piece of Google to consider. And with its latest innovations Content Marketing is the King from the capital letter. It is now to be the center of your online marketing strategy. Makin content management a highly important part of any CMS. If you are looking for success, that is. That’s when the pain steppes in. Integrating something like Magento with a CMS may prove to be frustrating and not providing the required functional not mentioning the extra effort. You will end up looking for a platform with equal footing of both CMS and e-commerce. And you will find Drupal with Drupal Commerce as top options. You may actually be reading this post due you are tired of combining the uncombined and this questionable activity has bored you. What makes Drupal Commerce stand out? There are many reasons you may be considering as advantages of Drupal Commerce. First of all it was created for Content Marketing primarily, thus, I might say, it is something even Google approves. Plus there are these things to consider: Let’s begin with the price as often it is what matters. Drupal Commerce is… Wait for it… free! We may compare it to some other communities. There is no “premium” with Drupal. It’s not like you may take the lousy stuff that is laying in that corner for free and this shiny piece of goodness costs only $99.95. This concept is simply not there with Drupal. And it does not mean the decrease in quality. Every plugin or module is supported 24/7 with great specialists as a passion rather than a job, which is always the better approach. Drupal can integrate with any external system thanks to its RESTful API. The advantages? Limitless if we are speaking third-party system sharing, etc. You will be able of extending and complementing functionality which is a great bonus as well. Drupal comes in one package with a great community filled with experience, tips and tricks they are always willing to share. This will allow you to engage deeper with customers, drive sales up, whatever imaginable you may gain from a community of thousands of people. You will be able of controlling and managing roles which means access to the functionality is limited and granted with your permission only. Drupal Commerce has splendid analytics and reporting tools that will give you all the data and metrics you are requiring to create the best business strategy. SEO, SRO, website analytics are easier as well as you are working with but one system. Many more pleasant features you will be pleased with finding on your own or within our previous or next articles.