5 Tips for Inexperienced Drupal Users

Below you can have a look at the tips experienced users gave to that newbies: Read Planet Drupal – wonderful web site with the useful and verify content about Drupal things. You can find there an upload policy (“Content requirements for being added to the Planet”, “How to get your feed to the Planet”, etc.). Dig through Drupal.org – an aggregator of useful information. Filter the most quality modules that had been downloaded for a lot of times and you can find the most popular and useful among it. Also you can find out more themes, modules, groups, etc. Start with Drupal 7 – this is an answer on the newbies’ question if he should start a new web site with Drupal 6. Read Pro Drupal Development – start learning this book and you can find a lot of advices how to create modules, produce filters, and develop themes, immerse yourself in sessions, caching, and other works about key parts of Drupal. Watch DrupalCon/DrupalCamp Session videos – you can find a lot of useful and fun videos, such as DrupalCon’s and DrupalCamps, etc. If you want to become an expert in Drupal, you have to be resolute in your actions and not to give up, take a part in various Drupal groups, Camps, meetings, listen to experienced users and absorb knowledge about this great open source platform.