Top SEO Modules to Boost Your Traffic

inShare Drupal is very powerful content management system for creating websites. When it comes to SEO, there is a logical question to ask: what should we do to increase the number of visitors and to improve traffic turnaround. Here are the modules that will help your site to get more visitors. Pathologic Pathologic is an input filter that can amend paths in links and images in your Drupal content in such cases if alternatively it breaks. Global Redirect Global Redirect checks if the Clean URLs characteristic is implemented. It checks if the current URL is being accessed with the clean method or the ‘unclean’ one. It tests an access to the URL. If the user does not have access to the path, no redirects are made. It helps to avoid displaying the private aliased node’s. Url List It creates a list of node URLs for feed to search engines such as Google webmasters. Robotstxt In case you are maintaining more than one Drupal site from a single code base so you need a various robots.txt file for each one, then use this module. This module develops the robots.txt file and gives you the ability to amend and edit it, on a per-site basis, from the web UI. Pathauto The Pathauto module automatically develops path aliases for different types of content. Users are not required to manually indicate the path alias. It also brings on the Clean urls feature, which an original extension to Path Auto module. That is how Clean Urls can be set up in Drupal. Path Redirect You can indicate a redirect from one path to another path or an external URL, using any HTTP redirect status. Link Checker The Link checker module extracts links from your content when saved and time to time tests remote sites in order to detect broken hypertext links and calculates the HTTP response codes. It displays all broken links in the reports/logs section and on the content edit page if a link check has been failed. Alinks Alinks module is able to replace terms in the content body with a link without changes to the node body which will be displayed as it was executed on display only. The Content Optimizer module The Content Optimizer module helps to boost up search engine rankings of your site by enhancing optimization factors and making sure your content comply with Drupal SEO best methods. It develops a quick SEO tester that gives immediate analysis of any site content. It is a fast and simple guide to ensure SEO best methods are regularly obeyed and pursued. That evaluation shows crucial statistics of the content and recommendations for enhancing search engine rates. HTML Purifier A good HTML code is very SEO-friendly. HTML Purifier is a HTML filter library that corresponds to standards. HTML Purifier will not only remove all bad code with a whitelist. It will also assure that your documents correspond to standards.