How to Get a Drupal Site Mobile?

Tweet We won’t be talking about any actual Drupal development in this particular article. This one’s for those who already have a site and want to make it mobile. If you want your site to be successful you really can’t afford missing all the goods mobile sites are willing to offer you. Just think of all the new users you can gain, profits you may obtain since we’re in the 21 century and even the smallest already are using such devices that you could’ve been called a witch and be burned for only a few decades ago, and that were considered impossible a few years ago. That market can’t and won’t be missed, right? It is actually not that hard to make your existing Drupal site mobile. Also it does not require as much skill as for Drupal or any other kind of development. What you want is simply to know, when users are hitting your site via mobile device and let Drupal give them some of your juicy content in a mobile-optimized theme. Plus you don’t have to think of something new (which is always hard) and you don’t need a designer. You are free to use your sites CSS theme with some slight adjustments. So where to start? The homepage, of course! It has to be served with content that is slightly different and more immediate. Sometimes the mobile version will require a couple of different changes on the offered adds or moving bars for saving space or making it easier to tap the right link with a finger. You may use a specific set of tools that would come in handy. It’ll really make your life easier: Twom’s Mobile Tools (will do pretty much all the work) Panels (it’s optional, yet may be very useful) You will use the Mobile Tools to work with your images. Using it you can create a new image cache that would be properly sized to work with your mobile page. Then change the image field display formatters so it would match your new image cache via the Mobile Tools and that’s it. You’re almost ready. All that is left is videos and thankfully the biggest video hosting sites like YouTube etc. have mobile device detection in their players and they will redirect the users on their own. Not that hard, is it?