Drupal 8 is Underway

This year, in August, the much-anticipated Drupal 8 is scheduled to be released with incredible features and capabilities. It will feature an improved design, multilingual support, mobile friendliness, and HTML5 capabilities. Drupal 8 is aiming to revolutionize the content creation process, enabling better site builder tools, staging management, and web services. It is expected to be the most ambitious content management system release yet.

Development of Drupal 8 has been going strong, with a significant number of new features being planned to be included. It is driven by an initiative approach, in which initiatives are running together to address particular aspects of Drupal that are essential for the platform’s progress and evolution.

The most noteworthy initiative is the Configuration Management, which is focused on developing better testing tools, staging, and live site deployment processes. The Context Core and Web Services Initiative has the aim of turning Drupal into a first-class REST server while retaining its status as a first-class CMS. Furthermore, the Web Services Initiative is making Drupal mobile by adopting large parts of the Symphony framework.

The Multilingual Initiative team is making great strides in internationalization. The main goal is to enable translation of taxonomies, menus, and nodes in Drupal. Another