Time and Material

One more business model is presented by DrupalDriven it is called Time&Material business model. This approach was worked out for long-dated projects, where the joint amount of work cannot be appraised in ahead of time and the measure of work can counterchange during the accomplishment.

For projects with a explicit technical statement ideally suits Fixed Budget offer, comparing it with Time&Material model it is right to say, that it fits best for scalable projects and supplies you with an opportunity to settle for DrupalDriven service in pieces in accordance with the payment scheme stated under the contract. After signing a contract, slandering the team shares and their wages, we send you a bill of parcels monthly or weekly pursuant to effort account.  

This business model works effectively in situations when the project is difficult to foresee in terms of time and creativity enclosed and also in situation when the development progress needs inspection and amendment upon each repeat. It provides the ability to cancel the project at practically any phase of the development.  

Together with the constant explicit accounts DrupalDriven skilled client managers will guarantee efficient permanent interaction via immediate messengers, e-mail, Skype voice service and telephone connection.