Drupal Development Portfolio


Kroodle is the site for a big Netherland insurance company Agon. The project has 7 insurance types. Every type of insurance has its own parameters for user to fill in order to know the insurance price. All the parts of the project are connected to Facebook Api. Only users with Facebook accounts can perform actions on the site, otherwise they should create one. Users can buy, edit, cancel insurance, invite their Facebook friends and get bonuses. After buying at least one insurance every user gets an account where he can control insurances and carry out actions with them. 

Client side communicates with the server side via json and Ajax. Supported browsers: IE8+, Chrome, Mozilla FF, Safari. The site has responsive design. The project was tested with Jmeter load-test program and showed stable work under 1000 users load.

Platforms: Nginx, Mysql (innodb), Git, Copistrano

Languages: PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3

Tools & technologies: Drupal 7, Varnish (esi), APC, Memcached, Backbone.js, Underscore.js



This projects main objective was in establishing a marketing portal in which the system itself communicates with both the users and the businesses. The system considers accurate current time and date and uses such data to display business events that are of current interest on a map within a selected location.

Business users are creating pages with full description of their business, location, schedule, online videos of their activity (Video Feeds) and are also creating events, coupons, discounts per a particular period of time. Every business is provided with a personal page where all information about such business’s activity is available. Every business also receives a system of analytics with an analysis of visits where there is a permanent possibility of monitoring amounts of visitors per certain periods of time considering age, gender of visitors as well as their OS they have used when looking through a certain business. Registered users may subscribe to events, save coupons, and discount into their personal My Stuff and hence creating personal lists of businesses that are of interest to them.

DrupalDriven has developed a site for everybody who is a business granting a great marketing platform for event arrangement thus granting common users the ability to stay in the flow of events 24/7 hence users will not be missing things they really want and need and they will have access to the system from any device.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Tools & technologies: Drupal 6, Ajax, MySQL, Google Maps, Google Charts, NetBeans, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch



We were required to create a platform which allows to make reservation in any restaurant from the list of restaurants available for the registered user.

Reservation payments can be done via Banesto payment gateway and PayPal. Internal RSS agregator and reader, detailed email notifications about each reservation step. Social networks integration (Facebook, Google). Original PHP XMPP solution for Facebook chat. Multi-language, multi-domain (per city) functionality. quick generation of pages that contain dynamic and static data.

Language: PHP, Linux Shell

Tools & technologies: PHP Symfony 1.4.15 framework, mySQL, Memcache, java script



Avaaz is a global community of citizens, designed to transfer politics to the community! People are empowered to take action on some of the largest issues that take place in the world today. This bold project aims at closing the gap between the world we currently live in and a world everyone wishes to be a part of.

Specialists from DrupalDriven had to deliver a stable, solid and secure platform that would withstand huge loads. We had to ensure flawless globalization to ensure the resource is flawlessly usable by citizens of different countries that speak different languages and do not share nationality. We had to ensure comfortable ways of communication, feedback and donation processes.

We support this project up until today and are planning to do so in the future considering success Avaaz has faced and aid as well as assistance people were able to share with each other. You know what they say, sky is the limit. We are filled with new bold ideas that will improve Avaaz even further, and, considering the size and global reach of this giant constant support and maintenance are actual, vital necessities.

Platform: OS Linux

Laguages: Language: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Tools & Technologies: AJAX, MySQL, Apache, RabbitMQ, Celery, Hadoop. Memcached, Redis



Distractify is a leading entertainment company in the mobile era. This fascinating portal follows the trend (among Buzzfeed and Upworthy) for inspiring, funny and eye-catching post titles, often in list form, with video, image and GIF-heavy content. We are most happy DrupalDrive had a chance to assist them in web application development.

Results were astonishing: Official stats have their unique visitor count at 43 million since its launch in October 2013, and the site has inspired 10 million Facebook shares in that short space of time.

Platforms: Web

Laguages: PHP, Javascript, HTML/DHTML, CSS3, XML

Tools & technologies: MySQL, Ajax, Apache, jQuery, Yii2, Backbone Js, NodeJs, Mongo, Varnish, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



DressMe is a project developed specially for fashion brands and retailers in a form of location-based marketing platform which provides customers with information about location of brands, products, fashion stores they want to find using web search. Our developers used Google Maps to make this service as efficient as it possible.

The main idea of the project was increasing “In-Store Footfall” focusing on fashion and associated goods. This is an alternative for Search Engine and Affiliate Marketing. Users can easy find exactly location where a specific fashion brand is being sold, locally or within the chosen territory.

For search functionality developers used Drupal 7 with apache solr engine. The platform includes more than a 10 000 brands and more than 20 000 stores that are being synchronized from a remote storage a few times a day. Memcache and Varnish cashing have been used in order to support about 2000 unique users per day.

Platforms: LAMP, Nginx, Mysql 5.1, Git

Languages: PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: Varnish, Apache solr, Drupal 7, jQuery, Memcache, Google Maps



The task was to develop a social media aggregator that allows to create user accounts, to connect different social media accounts and conveniently manage the information from them on one single platform. RebelMouse is an aggregator for social media that was launched by Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry. On the first look this platform looks like a digital newspaper that represents user’s social media events.

Basic registration allows users to connect their accounts on Twitter and Facebook. The updates from the connected accounts are represented in the collage-styled information flow that shows user’s presence within social media. RebelMouse allows user to arrange the posts displayed on the dashboard. The user page is updated automatically, but the user can customize it deleting updates that are not necessary or sticking the important ones to the top of the page. Also among the RebelMouse tools there is a bookmarklet to share any content that has been found by the user on the Web. This allows people and businesses who has huge personal followings to choose a convenient way to make their fans reaching all their recent updates.

Social media aggregator for managing social media information that allows constant presence in the stream of news and current events. The feed of messages may be placed on the home page of your own site as well or users can share it with friends. All user’s online presence is easily organized into a beautiful site within several moments. Any user’s social front page is updated automatically as they are posting things they care about in social media.

Languages: Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Objective-C

Tools & technologies: Mysql, Mongodb, Redis, Apache, Nginx, Memcache, Django framework, Flurry, JSON transport layer / RESTFul, CoreData, Auth 2.0, CoreData



This site is a sweet portal created sourly for search, purchase, and deployment as well as marketing purposes of goods from Spain (such as designer clothing, accessories, etc.). These goods are sorted by groups in specialized stores. You will pretty much have a shopping mall right inside your browser.

The site is based on Drupal 6 and Ubercart. The Sphinx is the pages search engine. That ensures a massive searching speed-up. As if that was not enough the Sphinx will also decrease the pressure caused on servers.

As things were originally beginning with the products salesmen were mere categories of goods. Site managers were creating them. So the only option for the salesman was placing his goods on the site. That’s when we stepped in.

The original task was to create a platform that would be allowing users to create their own online shops. In those shops the user may create and manage and sell new goods. The products status and condition as well as orders from customers are manageable as well.

Platforms: Linux, Apache

Languages: PHP 5, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: Drupal 6, Ubercart, MySQL, Sphinx (search engine)



A platform with rich functionality of real time environment ad placement was required by City Habitats real-estate agents. This task was handed to DrupalDriven and we have provided a successful solution. If any ad is being placed by any particular agent it is automatically uploaded inside the online database. The solution was also designed in a more user-friendly manner hence the approach to the output format. Improvements were also made inside the administrative section as well as in overall functionality.

A solution designed to improve position of Citi-Habitats real-estate agency in the market as well as the need for a common and comfortable system which allows real-estate agent to monitor and enter ads in real time conditions and in a user-friendly (propose output format was hardly convenient so updates were required) manner were three primary business requirements of this project.

A smooth and user-friendly solution was delivered to Citi-Habitats which satisfied business needs of the company to full extent.

Platform: PC/ RedHat Linux

Languages: Perl, Javascript

Tools & technologies: MySQL, Web Server: Apache



Developed from scratch, this contest subsection of turbolingvo.com translation services web site provides the ability to run contests for professional translator community to compete in translating challenging handpicked text and video excerpts in various categories. After the contest completion, participants and guests are welcome to discuss and share professional insights on the topic.

The site frontend is powered by Angular.js framework to improve site responsiveness and provide smooth user experience.

Plarforms: LAMP

Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: MySQL5, Yii Framework, Angular.js



Sproutback is an Australian based crowdfunding platform that aims to help people show off their creative projects to the world, as well as to help people find amazing projects to support.

Sproutback allows people to get funding for their innovative technological projects or art projects and get them off the ground. A community of ‘backers’ who donate funds towards a project receive ‘reward’ from the project’s creator. It also indicates whether the idea of the project is worth to be developed.

The website is not only about community financial funding but it also supports the project on every step of the way. Sproutback provides creators with necessary contacts and mentor networks, with guidance and expert advice.

Languages: PHP, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: Symfony2, MySQL, jQuery



The main goal of the project is making it easy to select and purchase goods, ensuring simplicity of navigation, establishing maximum speed for accessing the pages and surfing from page to page, etc. Product suppliers can sell goods at different stores. A complete cycle is available beginning with either manual adding of the product to the database (or store) or import from the ERP (in case ERP integration is available), to selling, delivery, viewing reports and analyzing sales with OLAP and DataMining.

Language: C#, ASP.NET 2.0

Tools & technologies: ASP.NET 2.0, WebServices, JavaScript, AJAX, MS SQL 2005, .Net Framework 3.5



Development of the travel agency site with leading hotels offers around the world

The site presents the currently active and future proposals. Photos of hotels, rooms and the surrounding area, a description of features and attractions.

When customer order can select the type and number of apartments, the number of people, date of arrival, and additional options and special offers. Payment is possible by using multiple payment systems (Paypal, Click & Buy, Caixa, Banesto). Particular attention is paid to social and marketing component - developed referral system of discounts and a variety of tools for inviting friends.

Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: Zen-cart, Symfony2, Doctrine2, APC, MySQL, jQuery API: Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmaps, Emailvision, XWebServices



Site of Icerink with possibility of booking Icerink for skating. Main tasks:

  1. Creation of convenient information modification of system’s pages. There were used views + CCK
  2. Creation of video gallery. There was used Embedded Media Field.
  3. Creation of picture gallery which takes pictures from files in file system of the project. There was used Brilliant Gallery
  4. Creation galleries based on galleries made in facebook account. There was used fb_gallery.

Languages: PHP 5.3, HTML, JavaScript

Tools & technologies: Drupal 6, Ubuntu, Apache , Nginx, PHP 5.3, Mysql 5.1, SVN, Netbeans IDE



UkraineOutsourcing.Com is a web portal dedicated to the IT outsourcing in Ukraine that contains an overall market review, information about business models and the latest news and tendencies of Ukrainian outsourcing market. It has been developed on the WordPress platform and upgraded with a wide range of plugins and features in order to increase user-friendliness and functionality of the web portal.

UkraineOutsourcing.Com is not that kind of standard WordPress blogs. Besides the blog section it also contains advanced pages, RSS feeds, social networking blocks and others.