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We are Drupal experts, but it’s our proven process that drives great results. It begins with an understanding of intent and context. A research-backed digital strategy then guides our UX design focused agile software development. The results are web solutions that are engaging, simple to use, and most importantly, relevant.

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Software Development Company Statement

DESIGN THE SOLUTION – through collaborative design process

DISCOVER THE TRUTH – through research, discovery and analysis

BUILD THE RIGHT THING – the right way

Therefore – Company value

We are truth seeking

We go beyond the obvious to discover the true nature of the challenge at hand, and the long-term effects of change.

We strive for operational excellence

We’re constantly looking for ways to reduce friction between ideas and execution.

We design and Build for ‘Magic Moments’

Magic moments are subjective and personal, can be simple or heroic, inspiring and delightful. They often result in people wanting to share those experiences.

We trust in innovation through collaboration

We empower creativity from the many, not just the designated “creatives”. Agile development practices play a key role in enabling us to realize the full potential of our multidisciplinary internal and client-side resources.

We design and build for value

Creating value is our north star. We want our efforts to result in a positive impact for both stakeholders and users.

We value our relationships

We nourish our relationships, which empowers us to do great things.

We practice transparency

We have nothing to hide and have everything to learn from transparency.

We are humble experts

We’re experts, but that doesn’t mean that we’re perfect. We’re forever students. The way we do it today may change tomorrow if we discover a better way.

Therefore – About



Drupal is a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

For most of our clients, it is a proven platform that they can depend on to provide content management for their websites, web and mobile applications, and pretty much anything else digital that requires content. Drupal is open source software, and therefore is free to download. It’s supported by a huge community of developers, and is used by some of the most trafficked sites on the internet, including,, and to name a few.

We are Drupal experts at Therefore. We’ve been involved with the Drupal community and using Drupal since 2007. We’ve built some of the largest Drupal sites in Canada, including which services over 350,000 of its members daily.


  • Labour Union
  • Government
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Utilities & Education
  • Social
  • Retail / eCommerce

Therefore – Services

  • Drupal technical consulting
  • Decoupled / headless Drupal architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Site building and theming
  • Drupal module development
  • Drupal migrations, upgrades and optimization
  • Drupal support and training

Therefore – Clients

  • National Gallery of Canada
  • UNIFORM theUnion Canada
  • Canadian Securities exchange