Fixed Budget

There are business projects with existent explicit design requirements. For such situations we propose Fixed Budget Business Model with sharp-cut price and delivery term.

This business model intends the analysis of customer’s needs blow-by-blow, such a slant helps to prevent ulterior correctives to the software requirements characteristics and exploit a proper proposition at a very explicit grade. This business model surely quenches client’s and programmer’s anticipations as well in the wide variety of states.  

Fixed Budget business model asserts itself when the employer realizes simple and completely foreseeable portions of technical condition that demands to be recompensed for at an established and valid foundation.  

In case if it bids up the cost at restrained degree and comes over cost sheet, the tenderer will eat the expenditure, – thereby, making a developer to risk. Oppositely, in situation it is difficult to foretell the terms of time and committed effort, the development activity requires check and perfection upon each replication, and should provide ability to be canceled at practically any phase, in order to protect the customer of overpayment, – thus, specifying a danger for the employer.

Since nearly each unique layout needs a distinctive slant and it appears to be rather troublesome to work out a detailed scheme with determined budget and cutoff date, we suggest a Dedicated Team Business Model or Time & Material Business Model.