Tips Why It Is a Great Idea to Work in Drupal 8

In case you’ve worked in Drupal most of time for several years now and haven’t adopted common standards of PHP software development yet, you are very likely to find lots of interesting things in Drupal 8. Those developing in Drupal and constantly taking cues from Drupal’s codebase can easily notice that the biggest problems are handled in-house rather than relegated to some third party libraries, and almost all of the codebase functionality wrapped in functions. The tendency to follow with their own code probably means that Drupal developers have missed out on what major shifts of standard coding practices other PHP frameworks and applications have embraced. It is not a problem anymore since Drupal 8 provides a tremendous opportunity for every developer to upgrade their coding expertise. Drupal users have gained a chance to review their code organization process as a huge part of code base has got object-oriented and big pieces of custom code have become dependent on outside libraries, mostly on those from Symfony. These are fairly overwhelming changes, because learning Drupal 8 is somehow like learning a new application. However those who have been working in Drupal for some time won’t find it very difficult and will track the evolution of certain techniques easily. Thus, rather than learning some complicated issues such as object-oriented programming, you have some rather practical examples showing how outdated systems are replaced with modern approaches. By simply adding a new page in Drupal you are able to get acquainted with controllers, class inheritance, YAML and other important concepts. In older Drupal versions we saw why we should value these concepts while achieving something familiar in an absolutely different way. This can significantly enrich our learning process and provide valuable basics. These new ideas are a great toolbox we can draw from while writing code or understanding other applications. In case you have never had a chance to learn object-oriented programming yet, you’ll see its usefulness compared to the usage of simple functions for building complicated relationships and ideas. You may have no doubts to open a new world for yourself if you’ve never worked with name spacing or Composer in order to find libraries and reduce code amount to maintain in the project. Drupal 8 presents a real gateway to discovering new concepts for yourself and a great store of practical help to use. Instead of learning new Drupal-centered systems, you are going to find lots of structures and components borrowed from PHP applications of all kinds as well