Overview of Drupal Security

Security is probably one of the main issues to study deciding on a software solution. Online security often proves to be the daunting and vexing topic but this is not about Drupal. Being the open source software Drupal has the support of thousands talented individuals who work over this particular issue. Official part There four objectives of the Drupal Security Team: The team solves reported security problems It assists contributed module maintainers when resolving security problems It also provides documentation on writing secure code and Provides documentation on website securing This team is experienced in online software practices. It evaluates continually each piece of module and code to determine possible risks. And when such risks are discovered, they are noted as such and sent to the contributor to be corrected. Drupal.org also has discussions in the active security group devoted to provide help for those who have faced security issues. Users constantly post articles, topics and ask questions all related to improvement of their code and security Feeling themselves a part of Drupal’s community. Updating is Easy The easiness of updating is a particular feature of Drupal. When security vulnerability is detected the main task is to get the website secure and to patch the offending code. Properly built Drupal websites allow patching within minutes with minimum risk of broken features. The code practices guarantee website developers never touch the core code. One can customize and maintain every piece of a Drupal website without adjusting core that allows simple patching and updating. The same is with contributed modules. Plan to gain safety When one finds an omission in security of a module or in the Drupal core, it helps to prepare for the necessary updates. Drupal is remarkable for providing an opportunity to budget resources and time while updating modules and security patches. It is especially precious when your website grows and the community provides more and more modules. No matter what threat there exists it is a good practice to check and update your website’s modules. Planning the development of your website ensure that you have left time for accommodation of periodic module and update of core code. Remember that an hour spent on update of contributed modules can prevent ten hours of restoration and cleanup in future. Composure The security practices tend to change. What happens today not always stays the same tomorrow. With Drupal means one never has to face the risks alone. There is composure in realizing that your online software is secure and moreover is in an active state of defending against attacks. Security provided by Drupal is one more reason to choose Drupal as CMS