New Drupal Free Application Norm was developer SubHub

The two most renowned Drupal development companies, Phase 2 Technology and SubHub, have joined forces to create a free standard for programming apps for web maintenance organization providers. The aim of this new norm is to make it easier to create, distribute, and use Drupal software.

The “Drupal Free Application Standard Instrumentality” will be of great value to anyone who wants their Drupal apps to be compatible with other Drupal software. The norm is designed to promote the development of software that can be distributed through various Drupal marketplaces.

“We are aiming to make testing, adding, or deleting Drupal compatibility options simple for website users,” said Jeff Walpole, CEO of Phase2. “Thanks to our collaboration with the Drupal community, we’ve seen these efforts become a reality in our own products. We are looking forward to seeing application marketplace growth reaching the level of Drupal acceptance worldwide.”

Phase 2 and SubHub have created a large number of applications for Drupal, recognizing the software marketplaces as vital for the success of the free source platform. They also maintain their own marketplaces to provide support.