Mastering Drupal Coding Standards: Why? Where? How?

inShare There are developing teams making it a habit to assign their resolved tickets to more bots to do peer review. This practice turns out very effective as it helps knowledge share and improves both the team’s coding standards and general QA process. It’s important for frontend and backend developers to have a knack of different best practices including JQuery,, AngularJS, Compass and every other technology they are using, so that whenever there is a problem to solve they think about the most effective and standard way to do it. Why? Here are all the reasons why you need to learn the best Drupal practices. If your project is being developed based on coding standards and using third party code widely, it’s more likely that new people who join your project will better understand the APIs and need no extra help to start coding. In short, this minimizes the time people spends on reading your project’s custom logic and quirks. It works similarly in case another company retakes your project later on – then they will know your logic, their assumptions are most likely to be correct and it won’t take them much time to evaluating the overall site complexity. Where? If you want a place where you can learn all Drupal coding standards, it is obviously Namely, you will need: Drupal Coding Standards JavaScript standards (in case you use custom JavaScript in Drupal projects) Doxygen documentation standards (for documenting the code) If you are looking for guides for each role in your team specifically, you can also refer to: Developer guide Theming guide Examples module (another large source of multiple best practices) How? The amount of the information above may be overwhelming, that’s why the best way to cover it all is to join the Drupal Community. Depending on the skills there are many ways to start. If you participate in core and contributed modules as much as possible, you will better understand Drupal operation principles and learn much from great and friendly Drupal members behind it as they can review your code and help you improve it. If take it as your hobby and a place where to get help and learn for free, your study is sure to be easy and pleasant.