It’s All about Contribution

Tweet When a developer explains his family what he does for a living, people immediately imagine a lone man sitting at his computer in the dark room. In reality, however, developer job goes far beyond this and includes meeting clients, setting expectations, developing implementation plans and other activities. As for Drupal developers, they also look for different ways to contribute to the Drupal open source community. Why Drupal devs can’t live without the community IT companies continuously evaluate their clients’ needs in order to find how to best achieve their goals. Looking at Drupal, developers should have a broad knowledge of the Drupal Core functionality as well as be aware of the contributed modules which work best for certain scenarios. On the rare occasions when the required functionality isn’t there and the developers need to develop the required functionality, they should do this in a way that would allow them contribute something back to the Drupal community. Such contributions allow developers to write better code and create finer solutions based on the feedback and innovation the community provides which in turn gives direct benefits to their clients. Contributions also allow their creators to develop their skills, get familiar with Drupal’s code base and its community. The iterative process of this constant feedback and improvement encourages beneficial growth of developers, their companies, clients and the community itself. How it benefits them When a company or an individual starts contributing into some open source project, their first question is, “What will I get out of this?” With Drupal, you are sure to get the following advantages: Better Code With an eye to community contribution, the code development results in many refinements geared the community guidelines and standards. Faster Deployment Using the open source project for a starting point, code deployment is usually faster and avoids its reinventing the wheel. Community Engagement When you engage with the community, you ensure that your contributions are more likely to gain reviews and valuable feedback. Wrap-up The involvement of organizations and individuals all over the world in the Drupal community enables the access to almost limitless resources doing something that’s very difficult to reproduce in most organizations. Participation in the Drupal community also encourages your growth and innovation beyond any single individual’s by far.