How’s Drupal 8 Handling Media?

inShare Finally! The only fitting word! How were things with Drupal and media back at the day? They have had a very complicated relationship to say the very least ever since Drupal 5 or so. Out-of-the-box media content capabilities were at their minimum and you actually had to install a media library or WYSIWYG as separate modules and you also had to configure all that fun. While WordPress at the very same time was marching proudly amongst blog lovers who wish to have more and more media content on their posts about mems-&-kittens. And all the Drupal fans were screaming out loud at every Drupalcon words like “When, oh when will there be a built in WYSIWYG or something of that sort?!”. And magic happened with Drupal 8. What may 8 offer to media content? So we have Drupal 8 and yes, it will have a built-in WYSIWYG editor. CKEditor is chosen to be the default one but it may be replaced with many other 3-D party solutions of your choice. But those changes are far from all as Drupal 8 may also be proud including an out of the box media library thus people managing and editing content will have more power over files like videos or pictures and documents. If you are in Drupal 8 admin UI you can’t miss a new ‘Files’ dashboard located in the content section. It makes it easier to see the entries of uploaded files. And there is no longer a need of installing a module for being able of uploading an image in the process of editing the text. These changes are amazing and truly do seem to be just the thing people were looking for for a while now. Just imagine adding some more modules to that boosted Drupal (yeah, it still is and will always be even better with modules, the difference is only in original potential). While all those steps are doubtful to overcome WordPress in comfortable work with media they are quite a step ahead that, powered with many more strong sides of Drupal may just be enough to wave the scale of thin CMS-World balance to Drupal.