How’s Drupal 8 Handling Media?

Finally, the only fitting word! What was the situation with Drupal and media back in the day? The relationship was complicated, to say the least, since Drupal 5. Out-of-the-box media content capabilities were minimal, so users had to install a media library or WYSIWYG as separate modules and configure them as needed. While WordPress was already becoming popular among bloggers who wanted to add more and more media content to their posts about memes and kittens. At every Drupalcon, Drupal fans were shouting out, asking when they would get a built-in WYSIWYG editor. Then, the magic happened with Drupal 8.

So, what can Drupal 8 offer with regard to media content? It comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor – CKEditor – though it can be replaced with other 3-party solutions. It also includes an out-of-the-box media library, so people managing and editing content have more control over files like videos, pictures, and documents. In the admin UI, there is a new ‘Files’ dashboard located in the content section, making it easier to view uploaded files. Plus, there is