How to manage Drupal Sites with the iPad effectively?

There is an opportunity to manage Drupal sites with the iPad, so today we decided to tell you some tips about it. In general we can say that managing your Drupal site on iPad is definitely useful experience. Managing your site on the iPad is much more comfortable than on the iPhone, because of the larger screen. The Administration Menu module places a bar at the top of the screen, and you can enter any menu item with it. You can navigate around very fast, thanks to the fine work of the drop down menus. There is a simple text box, so you can enter text anywhere. HTML formatting must be made by hand. In addition, there are the modules that adds the proper code for you at the press of a button might simplify your work. You can change settings pretty easily in the administration section. Comment responding and moderation is also possible. You can make basic nodes and blocks as well, but there are some limitations, which frustrating task for anything beyond basic text entry. So let’s start to list limitations: WYSIWYG editor can’t be used in a text area. If the “switch to plain text editor” link is available you can work around that. Entering a simple text is allowed, but also wipes out the line breaks once you preview the node. So your blocks or nodes will have narrow formatting. There is a limitation in access to your local file system. That means you can’t upload images or attachments. So you should be ready, that you can do content creation and basic editing, but nothing fancy. The Popups API can be used to simplify things when managing blocks and comments. That module is not very useful on the iPad, because the resulting popups don’t scroll. You also can’t resize or scroll within the text input area, that’s why creating long nodes is extremely complicated. In fact, nothing that typically includes dragging and clicking, or hovering the mouse works. Generally, the experience of managing Drupal on the iPad is a pretty mixed thing. You can create basic blocks and nodes, get to your site settings and manage comments. So if you do the basic managing of the site at home this level of access will work fine for you. Anyway, you should upgrade the experience though. We suppose it’s on Apple to upgrade mobile Safari to work with WYSIWYG editors and offer access to the file system. As you see there are serious limitations that prevent developers from working with Drupal site on the iPad. So if you prefer creating and building content on some small device it’s better to choose a netbook. If you have suggestions for helpful apps, work arounds or modules we would be happy to hear about them in the comments.