Drupal Bayou

An abundance of quality free source products can be found in the Content Management Systems (CMS) market, with Drupal being one of the most remarkable. On December 8th and 9th, the Drupal on the Bayou conference is taking place in New Orleans, hosted by Hosting.com, Level Ten Interactive, NeoSpire, Acquia, Firehost, and Github. This event will bring together programmers, web designers, entrepreneurs, and corporate representatives to explore how the powerful open source Drupal CMS can help businesses grow. The event will be headlined by Angie Byron, also known as the “Drupal Queen”, and will feature interactive enterprise and marketing seminars. Visitors can use the code BEMYGUEST50 to save $75 off the $125 ticket price, making it only $50 to attend. Additionally, there are hotel room discounts available. These types of events are a great opportunity for free source companies and their participants to meet in person and share their experiences. Many times, these symposiums are funded by a single company, like Sourcefire for Snort, or by multiple companies, like Hadoop. Other times, hosting companies are willing to fund events like Drupal on the Bayou in exchange for more hosting