Drupal Balkan Summit 2012

Drupal Balkan Summit

DrupalDriven Developers Visited Drupal Balkan Summit in Croatia, December 2012 Drupal Balkan Summit is a great event that was held in Zagreb, Croatia on December 8-9, 2012. DrupalDriven developers took part in this summit. The organizers of Drupal Balkan Summit are Drupal communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. The main issues were devoted in this summit aimed at sharing tips and experience between participants. Among these people were Drupal developers, both the professionals and newbies, employees and just those who want to know something new about Drupal platform. What are the main goals of Drupal Balkan Summit? Sharing experience and skills with other Drupal users; Cooperation with interesting people, getting new friends and clients; Raising level of qualification, and more. As our Drupal developers try to be aware of all the latest changes in the Drupal world they couldn’t miss it and had become a group among around 100 people who had visited this event. As Drupal is one of the most popular platforms for creating any type of websites, there are many developers who makes useful changes for Drupal app. For example, there are about 19 000 community-contributed modules for Drupal and 2,1% of all the websites use this platform that expands boundaries of Drupal capabilities. So there is a point to visit such meetings. Drupal Balkan Summit included two days program on English and BCMS languages. First day – English Session Registrations of attendees; Discussion devoted to mistakes you can make on the first Drupal project, presentation of VoIP Drupal framework, translation management tool, Omega 4 BoF, etc.; After party. Second day – Sprint and BCMS Sessions Discussions about contributing to Drupal 8, including testing and reviewing Drupal 8 Entity Translation improvements; Lunch break. DrupalDriven developers gained much useful information that will be implemented at their further projects. This event had increased the level of qualification of our developers and they are ready to face with new challenges.