Drupal 8 Will Be Awesome! Here’s Why…

inShare Let us get to the point from the very start as we will be providing reasonable conclusions of why will Drupal 8 be an even better Drupal. Thus we are getting straight to the chase with… …It already has a great and solid platform to be built on Drupal 8 will be built on Symfony. A PHP framework with a proud name and a vast amount of lovers and followers. Thus if you have any Symfony experience imagine how easier will development in Drupal be?

Thus, despite there are many pitfalls to be expected (occurring future updates and the fact Drupal will be connected to a 3d party product like a lot) being built on a really powerful framework is a great new feature you are to expect from Drupal 8. …It will be tested hard before release Just imagine how much testing may be accomplished within the time going between Drupal version releases.

That amount of time spent on development actually makes our team, for example, way calmer as we are expecting a very stable and powerful new CMS without many bugs to ruin our experience. Many teams were on alpha and beta phased of Drupal 8 development and that much effort may not be a mere waste, thus stability is well expected. …It’s primarily oriented on mobile devices Drupal developers are smart and they know what is required from a CMS right now. Everything in the world of web is now headed to be oriented on mobile devices first and Drupal is no exception.

Thus Drupal is trying to get beyond mere responsiveness and is headed to mobile as its top priority which may just be crazy enough (or not crazy at all) to work. …Theming will be improved even further! Drupal’s tempting system seemed such a pain to multiple designers. So they have listened to their users and a new system will be considered in Drupal 8 with a new integrated templating engine. This is partly one of pleasant influences Symfony has caused. So designers will be presented with a totally new engine inspired by, probably the most used template-engine of all. Sounds sweet. What are many more pleasant surprises that are to be expected? Faster page loads Improved configuration management Integrated views The ability of direct data usage that is integrated into other data services Many fixed bugs Lot’s more