Creating a Drupal Article in 6 Simple Steps

inShare Among its other multiple features, Drupal also enables an easy creation of articles on the page. Let’s look at the 6 steps you need to take to create your article with Drupal 7. Step 1 Log in Drupal as administrator. Step 2 Click ‘Content’ on the top menu. Step 3 Find the link ‘Add Content’ and click it. Step 4 Click ‘Article’ from the content types’ list. Step 5 The rest of your steps will be similar to creating basic Drupal 7 pages. Thus, you need to enter your Title, Body etc. There are some new options for the Article Page, namely: Body (Summary) New articles show up on the homepage, by default. Have many long articles there can make this page very long and hard to navigate. Instead, after entering a summary to the article, just the summary will be shown, what is sure to make the homepage look cleaner. Users who like the summary and intend to continue reading the article can click the link ‘Read More’ under its summary. Tags Articles can be tagged with some descriptive words. For instance, a website containing information about computers may feature article tags based on the computers’ operating systems like Linux, Windows, or Mac. The tags are published under the article content, and show the list of other articles having the same tags when clicked. Image In case you want some image associated with your article, like a header image, you can use the ‘Image’ feature and upload a picture that will be associated with your article. Step 6 After finishing the article, click ‘Save’ to save it. New articles show on the homepage by default, so you can visit the front page of your Drupal 7 site’ to look at your new article. Drupal 7 offers many other handy features every web site owner needs to have. Our company can provide you professional Drupal consulting services.