Applying Marketing Automation on a Drupal Website

Within a strong management process it is necessary to respect to each interest of a potential buyer which is impossible to handle manually when your business is big enough. That’s the case marketing automation is the ideal solution. Marketing automation represents software bringing together various content assets including emails, web events, landing pages knowing the relevant time for their delivery during buying cycle. This gives engaging prospects for the brand. After conducted analysis of the key audience, gaining demographic data and interactions of your website users with your brand no matter through social networking services or websites you can enhance the level of lead for your sales team. As a rule marketing automation platforms in most cases integrate easily with popular models of customer relationship management, so there is no need for the sales staff to switch to other tools. If you have already decided that marketing automation software is all you need it remains to integrate such software into your Drupal website. For sure Drupal represents one of the best marketing platforms. And having installed custom modules one can easily integrate the marketing automation platform into the Drupal website. Below you will find some Drupal modules created specifically for these platforms: Pardon Module which loads Pardot analytics onto the Drupal website. The module supports general tracking of a visitor, path-based individual tracking as well as lead scoring. Eloqua Module allowing building webforms which parallel eloqua forms and thus can be placed into eloqua. Marketo Munchkin Module is an easy module for outputting the Marketo Munchkin tracking code. To learn more about Drupal plugins read our article Enhancing Your Website’s Functionality with Drupal Plugins. In general it is useful for every Sales and Marketing Manager to study and apply software for marketing automation. To fully appreciate the value of marketing automation one should have the level of understanding which arises from personal experience connected with technologies or a careful investigation of the core functions and features of marketing automation. In any case one should realize that it will take much time to learn the details of the solution’s features. However whatever may be said the companies implementing marketing automation systems are well equipped for managing lead flow and operate more efficiently.