Acquia Builds up Some new Propositions for Drupal apps.

Just in term for DrupalCon London 2011, Acquia, deliverer of Drupal Web CMS attendances, has published the version of some new elements to its Acquia Network proposition. The primary subject is assisting developers to control and expand their Drupal- energized web-pages more simply. The suite contains a new panel board, site-testing instrumentality, training units and some more. Advancing Drupal Web-pages Through Simpler Administration & Experience Development The newly-brought into play cloud-founded applications are designed for use with Acquia Cloud, which is a Drupal-optimized hosting attendance for businesses and programmers. The fresh direct-to-home service is built up to enable programmers come across the answers, instrumentality and exhortation for their websites ruling Drupal. The Acquia vice president of attendance attempts, Peter Guagenti, is assured that the new applications will help editors to enhance their Drupal-related experiences and capacities. Acquia Network consumers receive admission to our tools, best experiences, training movies from acknowledged Drupal professionals, and the communal acquaintance of Acquia’s technological team and associates. Characteristics are as follows. Insight. This instrument delivers Drupal-energized web-page proprietors an at-a-glance eyewink into their websites, with measures, analytics and other instrumentality. Insight is a kinetic instrument that mirrors information real-term. The application will also provide users ability to sanction and handle problems, and will suggest circles of impacts based on Drupal best-experiences. Insight is at present time in individual beta. SEO Grader. This accommodation, energized by Volacci, will examine a Drupal-powered web-page versus constituted internet marketing strategies. This embodies SEO- neighborly URLs, envisaging page conformation for search- familiarity, and gives a counsel to Drupal units that a webmaster can set up for advanced search productivity and traffic. Blitz. This is a cafeteria service performance and load testing framework energized by Mu Dynamics. Blitz will permit users to develop high-productivity web-pages without bothering about the implements strangulation on traffic chock. Blitz can download flexibly from various locations; can expand up to 1 million customers or even more. The instrument can also be imploded simply with the programming course. Drupalize.Me. This attendance is substantially a Drupal-concentrated instructional library of movies developed by service company, Lullabot. The library contains 335 movies with 149 hours of Drupal and jQuery tuitions. Acquia Applications Marketplace for Drupal Acquia has also predicted the startup of its Acquia Soft Market due out by Q4 of this exact year. The accommodation, which utilizes the Acquia API, will pledge Drupal webmasters admission application from programmers and implementators for services and software. The beta catalogue at present contains four apps quoted above, and will also contain four others: Mollom for spam cutoff, New Relic for productivity optimization, Mobify for transforming websites into a mobile admeasurements, and Visual Website Optimizer for A/B examinations.