9 Amazing Drupal Uses You Can Try

Tweet Every developer knows Drupal basics. Drupal is a free, open source powerful CMS backed by a great community of pro developers. But is it all we can say about the amazing platform which powered the sites of Louvre, the GRAMMYs and NASCAR? Many new developers in the community still don’t imagine that the following 9 great things can be done in Drupal solely. Facebook landing page You can set any of your website pages in Drupal as a landing page on Facebook by just pulling it into Facebook. Instead of building from scratch, you’ll need only to adjust the box size for your landing page available in Facebook. Facebook application With Drupal you can build even something more meaningful like a Facebook application. Log-in via social media You may make it easy for users to log in by letting them use their Twitter, Google or Facebook accounts rather than creating a new one. Also Drupal has systems of automatic account building for your Drupal users which means you won’t lose your community if one of social platforms changes the rules spontaneously. Mobile responsiveness Since today mobile friendliness of websites has become a must if you want to promote your business, Drupal offers you building a responsive site from the beginning. For this it incorporates AdaptiveTheme, Omega and other responsive base themes to let developers customize their sites for mobile devices. SEO Drupal enables meta descriptions, custom page titles, URLs, copy, Google Analytics compatibility and other ways to maintain your website optimization for search engines. Mapping features With Drupal powering you can equip your map-centered website with such features as varied location filters based on zip code, service provided the office, map interaction etc. Е-commerce solutions Drupal provides multiple customizable modules for e-commerce purposes, allowing for USPS and UPS shipping services integration and many more features. Security Every piece of code in Drupal is scrutinized by a community of developers with proved expertise which contributes to the high security Drupal-based websites greatly. On this account, it’s not accidental that the site of the White House is built in Drupal. YouTube video and photo integration Drupal makes it possible to prepare video uploads accepted from Youtube and other social sites for automatically displaying them on any other device and vice versa. As you’ve just made sure, Drupal is really universal in its uses. And if you are well familiar with it, you know it’s only the beginning.