8 Handy Drupal Modules for Publishing

inShare Out of the box Drupal CMS has a built-in concept of publishing which is suggested by a content type (an article, for example) and the ability of promoting items to the homepage. But let’s see at length what modules make Drupal so popular for publishing use. Workbench Moderation The use of this module may seem excessive for many sites, but is very effective while dealing with a content which is to undergo a series of workflows. Instead of “published/unpublished” drafts the module gives a node a third level status. Before publishing each draft may work through several transitional states and be accessed. Content Lock The module locks the pieces of content being edited by another user. If necessary, the lock can be broken by users owning elevated permissions. Shortcut Per Role This module customizes Drupal core shortcuts bar for each role. Thus, reporters have links relating to content creation while editors have shortcuts for content management. Diff All publishers are advised to use this module. It enables revisions of Drupal core node adding an ability to compare change revisions visually. Taxonomy Manager Drupal has a powerful taxonomy system particularly for publishing sites. This manager provides assistance in massive terms organization enabling editing/removing terms, bulk adding, seeking out terms for editing. References Dialog This one allows searching, adding and editing the nodes referenced from the current node’s editing screen. This method enables searching via exposed filters of a referenced node. Metatag Being extremely useful for publishing sites, besides enabling control over basic metatags, the module allows for advanced categorizations like Open Graph protocol, Google news keywords etc. Google News Mentions of new publishers in Google news are naturally followed by greater page views. The module provides a specific XML file for news so that Google indexes the articles which are relevant and can be included in Google News. Thus, we have outlined the main Drupal modules that can ease the life of publishing sites greatly. We hope they will come in handy for your website and help you succeed in content publishing.