7 Tips to Improve Drupal Performance

As you know Drupal is written on PHP, hence it isn’t used so widely as many other applications. But there are lots of basic modules can be implemented to boost an opening of the Drupal website. There are some tips listed below to get the best out of your Drupal website. Alternative PHP Cache (APC) This PHP OP formula cache offers a good opening raise with Drupal. You can just install it and let APC to do its work. Planning Despite the wide array of tips you can use for Drupal site, try to find the most helpful and adequate ones. Check how it works. When contrast procedure you should try it on development sourroundings in order to undo and start it again if necessary. CDN You can safely use CDN in case if you aiming general audience. It is used to discharge immobile resources like CSS, documents, images, etc. opposite different locations. Pressflow Some problems that could arise previously are prevented in a “Pressflow” – the placement of Drupal. So if you want to build new Drupal website, you should chose Drupal 7, as a version with combined changes. Boost This is caching of all pages to prosaic files. In case if we can’t use Varnish like common hosting, Boost can become a good alternative. There is no need in PHP or MySQL – the entrance is true from a hoop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well on cloud environment. Views This is the one of the best modules for Drupal. Try to regulate InnoDB in MySQL instead of MyISAM to make opening boost. Then don’t use “distinct” and “count” in queries. Also try some opposite settings to see whether all going faster. Frontend Usually user notices frontend rather backend. So if your site will have a lot of assets inside, it can be good for server, but not for visitor, as it will run too slow. You can modify CSS and JavaScript files your modules and themes loading. There are also many modules can be used to customize and improve your Drupal website. Just don’t overdo these, let users feel comfortable staying on your site.