DrupalCon London 2011 on August 22-26, 2011

The huge Drupal Association and the intelligent European Drupal community are delighted to promulgate that DrupalCon Europe will be taking place in the United Kingdom in 2011. Prepossessing speechmakers are invited and are over 75 proceedings are planned that advert to everyone from newcomers to highest level programmers, implementators and establishers. This is an irreproachable contingency to network, acquire fresh experience and encourage your enthusiasm for Drupal development services and Drupal in general. Please contribute this fabulous event. The rendezvous is settled just 15 minutes from the very center of London. We have 24 hour admittance to all cabinets in the rendezvous for the whole week. Drupal doesn’t need time for sleep, and at DrupalCon, you won’t need to either. If you want to, we have plenty of modern hotel numbers and lodgings, all containing free internet at a deflection of the cost of central London. We even have authentic British pubs. If you are likely to volunteer to befriend misarrange this DrupalCon, please set off a comment on our symposium preparing webpage: http://drupalcon.org.uk/public/blog. All activists are welcome. You don’t have to live in the UK or even be located in Europe. Duckets will come on sale in Spring 2011.