5 Drupal 7 Modules and Distributions You Should Use to Manage Your Project Effectively

The Drupal community has developed several contributions like modules and distributions to make it easy for users of Drupal 7 to maintain tracking, collaboration and other project management functions. Here are the top 5 Drupal extensions distinguished by its most users. Case Tracker This module tracks cases which need resolution. In contrast to the Project module that is used for tracking software development-specific issues, this one tracks issues for virtually anything. This basic ticketing system equipped by simple interface is possible to extend by site administrators and programmers for many uses easily. Open Atrium This distribution provides knowledge sharing and collaboration features to its users. It’s possible to configure discussions per team, project or organization. Also it features file management system for sharing and storing documents as well as the system for strong access control which enables content restriction to the project team sub-sets. Its customizable theme works also on mobile devices and supports different browsers. ERPAL Project Management This distribution serves as a platform used by service providers and developers to manage their projects, data and teams as well as business processes with the help of one smart solution. It has CRM features for activity and contact management as well as PM features for time tracking, expenses, requirement management, document management, calendars, resources management and more. This distribution is recommended to implement with PHP 5.3. Project Management This module allows for organizations, teams, tasks, tickets, people, projects, notes, invoices, expenses and time tracking management. It includes a collection of many modules where every feature is actually a separate module which supports tokens and views. Project Management serves as a work planning and ticket tracking software. Besides the core, it also needs Views, Date and Chaos tools suite. Support Ticketing System The module serves as basic ticketing system as well as helpdesk of email integration features. It can assign ticket to the users, generate charts and use different states of tickets like new, pending and closed. Tickets are able to trigger email notifications, while email integration allows for ticket creation and updating via email. Beside the core it needs some more modules, however Support Deadline used for setting due date for tickets, Support Timer used for time tracking, along with other Support module projects can later make it an even more complete suite. Use the above 5 extensions distinguished by reported usage to facilitate your project management with Drupal 7. However, But sometimes the modules are not enough for managing your project effectively, this is when you can use Drupal module development services.