4 Easy Steps to Migrate Your Drupal Website to Azure Web Sites

Windows Azure cloud supports MySQL and PHP, so the process of migration could be pretty straightforward for you. You can use this software 90 days for free. So we’ll try to provide you with four steps to migrate your Drupal website to Windows Azure Websites using following tips. Create a Windows Azure Website and MySQL database Follow the tutorial to create database and a website using Git. We think it won’t get a lot of efforts for you, if you have ever created website. Then you have to copy your database to MySQL in Windows Azure Websites. Database copying There are few ways you can use to copy your Drupal database to MySQL in Windows Azure Websites. But we found very easy and efficient one. So everything you need is using next command: mysqldump -u local_username –password=local_password drupal | mysql -h remote_host -u remote_username –password=remote_password remote_db_name The database can have any size that determines a time needed to complete this process. You’ll have to provide such information as Drupal database’s username and password and the same information plus the name of MySQL database that was created in step 1. And your connection string will look something like this: Database=remote_db_name;Data Source=remote_host;User Id=remote_username;Password=remote_password Make modification of your database connection info in sttings.php For this step you have to put in the /drupal/sites/default/setting.php file information of your new database connection. There is how the modification should look like: $databases = array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘default’ => array ( ‘database’ => ‘remote_db_name’, ‘username’ => ‘remote_username’, ‘password’ => ‘remote_password’, ‘host’ => ‘remote_host’, ‘port’ => ”, ‘driver’ => ‘mysql’, ‘prefix’ => ”, ), ), ); In case if you are awkwardly with such actions: open /drupal/sites/default/setting.php file in the text editor and replace information with your data (username, database, password, host). Save it. Deploy Drupal code To make it use Git or your favorite FTP. If you prefer using the first method you have to set up Git repository. It could happen that some of your Drupal files can be ignored. To solve this problem you need to edit the .gitignore file. In the case of using FTP editor you’ll need to provide username and hostname from the site’s dashboard. Then upload Drupal files to /site/wwwroot.