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Centretek is a Maryland-based Drupal design and development agency that specializes in providing custom Drupal services and solutions.

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Software Development Company Statement

  • THINK BIG – Innovate. Inspire. Interact.

Centretek – Company Core Principles for an Established Esteem

This has been primarily possible by sticking to our core principles: to provide best-in-class service, people, and products in an open, honest and humble (yes humble) way. This simple idea of building and fostering a culture of people who are awesome at what they do, along with their ability to quickly adapt, inspire and embrace change, would ultimately shape the company into what it is today. Over the years, we have witnessed the convergence between technology and marketing, and as such, Centretek has developed a premier full service digital agency that is now established as a nationally known presence in the digital agency arena.

Centretek – About

Over 15 years ago, President and Founder Jay Miller, along with his longtime friend Jose Maldonado, set out to establish a boutique consulting firm focused on customer experiences and employee fulfillment. Their vision revolves around a concept that “Everyone interacts with someone,” and in many cases, it is via some form of technology. As such, Centretek was launched to provide services focused on that interaction, whether it is with employees, the public, patients, customers, partners, vendors, family, constituents, or whether it is via an application, a website, social networks, smartphones, cloud based networks, etc. Centretek’s driving focus is, and has been, that interaction.

With an emphasis on our client’s business and customers, and surrounded by a staff of incredibly creative, innovative, experienced individuals – Centretek has been able to thrive since its inception and has adapted to new market trends and digital concepts over the years.

Jay & Jose decided to base the company in the historic section of Ellicott City, Maryland due to its rich history, local flare and back to basics “main street” culture. Not to mention the town’s several pubs that are in walking distance.


  • MU Health Care
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • Corvias

Centretek – Services

  • Drupal Website Strategy
  • Drupal Website Design
  • Drupal Website Development
  • Sample Drupal Design & Development Work

Centretek – Clients

  • NASA
  • Aol.
  • Retirement Partners
  • CDC