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Sensio Labs divulged that Drupal 8 CMS will have Symfony2 basement elements.

Drupal, the CMS behind thousands of hundreds of web-pages, containing the White House website, is getting a fundamental infrastructure renewal to optimize its code foundation. It was determined by Drupal programmers to deal with a subsisting free source resolution instead of building up a fresh project. "We determined to use several elements from Symfony2," Drupal founder Dries Buytaert explains to CMSWire. "We are still going to utilize elements from PHP frameworks — not compulsory terminate to Symfony2 — where they could perfectly fit."

Why exactly the Symfony?

The Symfony and Drupal free source networks should come in handy well together, pursuant to the notification:

The implication and feedback of the Symfony network, in circumstantial the community investment of Fabien Potencier, the managing programmer of Symfony and Lukas Smith, one of the principal programmers; the brand and the huge amount of alternatives set forward by the various Symfony2 Elements, soon reweighted the equilibrium towards a cooperation between the two networks."


I need help on how to create a 'custom form' using the same fields provided by CCK. Drupal gives you the ability to add fields to 'nodes' and how to theme their output. But I would like to be able to post a data from my own form (that pops-up) and sends data to the drupal database using the same drupal cck. How do I access the specific form inputs to add data to my content types ? because the default form is kind of 'ugly' and loads on different page(without ajax).

Facing the headline of the Forrester information declaring the demise of the business CMS suite, two different feelings begin to overwhelm. The pleasure of seeing this, and the feeling of regret for the analysts. After all, it had been published and declared the accurate same thing a little more than three hebdomads ago.

After reading such an article and feeling of regret for the developers themselves even grows. The viable intermission has been shown to them, at least partly, which is nice. Their response, pursuant to the Forrester data, nevertheless, is so indecisive that it's absolutely clear that a lot of them will drop into what can be categorized as "dead men walking" sooner than the "walking dead."

Content Centrality is No Nostrum

The highlighted message that seems to be intertwined inside out the implementator consciousness is that he needs to advance to more "Content- Centrality Apps." Undoubtedly this is an indispensable thing, but it is not even nearby to enough for a few reasons that can be gone to rack and ruin by the kinds of participants limelighted in the report.

Packt Publishing has divulged the conquerors of its sixth yearly free source rewards, and some well-known gamesters have grasped top appointments. Here are the results and did your favorite project really win?

The Free Source Rewards

These rewards have been navigated since 2006 by Packt Publishing to embolden and render assistance to the open source development. It started by concentrating exceptionally on maintenance operating platforms, but was soon extended to other divisions. From the moment of its beginning, Packt has rewarded more than US$ 100,000. This year’s rewards seized six denominations:

  • Free Source CMS
  • Free Source Mobile Kit-bags and Libraries
  • Most Perspective Free Source Project
  • Free Source Business Software
  • Free Source JavaScript Libraries
  • Free Source Multimedia Applications

Layouts were designated by the social outset which took place in August. Polling started in September and terminated at the rope of October.

The weekend of the middle of January 14-15 offers prospects of being quite a fussy one for free and open source applications enthusiasts in Australia with a second gross symposium to run on exactly those days.

Drupal Downunder, a symposium for consumers of this exceptional content administration system, will be taking place at the Jasper Hotel in the very heart of Melbourne on the following weekend, with a day of seminars and workshops being organized on the coming Friday.

Drupal Downunder is already the second such FOSS symposium being presented that weekend; as stated in this release, Ada Camp, established by the Ada Initiative, will be hosted on the 14th of January.

Thanks to Ada Camp, the Drupal symposium will target to magnetize people heading for the 13th Australian gentilitial Linux symposium, which is meditated to be held on January 16 – 20 in Ballarat, a provincial Victorian city about two hours away from Melbourne.

This is thought to be the second Drupal Downunder symposium, with the introductory one having been hosted in Brisbane in the beginning of this year. The Brisbane symposium was enheartened by Drupal South, a symposium which was led after the LCA of 2010 in well-known Wellington.

Nov 30, 2011 uTest, the leader for in-the-wild software testing, announced that it is partnering with Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal, to equip web developers to build sophisticated websites and deliver the best possible website user experience. With this partnership, subscribers to the Acquia Network can quickly leverage uTest's community of 45,000+ professional testers to affordably test and launch their websites with confidence. "We support organizations around the world by helping them build and manage extraordinary web experiences with Drupal," said Bryan House, Acquia VP of Marketing. "By partnering with uTest, enterprises can now enhance and extend their website using cloud services in the Acquia Network. By tapping into uTest's global workforce of professional testers, Acquia customers will be able to test their websites in a flexible, scalable and affordable way, resulting in web experiences their users will love." As Acquia's newest partner, uTest will provide Acquia customers with an end-to-end suite of testing services for web and mobile sites. uTest's services -- which include functional, usability, load and security testing -- offer a single source for companies to provide cost-effective, professional testing across their entire development lifecycle. Acquia and uTest have introduced five different package options to meet a wide range of testing options for sites large and small.

Earlier this year the Drupal Association began a process to elect and build a new board. In July a call for nominations was made and the community responded with over 50 submissions. The nomination committee spent many weeks reviewing the nominations, following up with potential candidates, until finally submitting a slate of nominees, which was confirmed by the board. I'm happy to announce the new Board of Directors:

  • Jeff Walpole (until 2014)
  • Vesa Palmu (until 2014)
  • Tiffany Farriss (until 2014)
  • Cary Gordon (until 2013)
  • Danese Cooper (until 2013)
  • Mike Woster (until 2013)
  • Angela Byron (until 2012)
  • Mitchell Toomy (2012)
  • Unknown - one open seat, to be filled

The Board also approved Dries Buytaert (me) to fill the "founder role" in this year's Board of Directors.

The Board's term will begin on November 1, 2011. The first meeting of the new Board of Directors will be on November 16, 2011. This will be followed by the Drupal Association Board Retreat in Chicago, December 9 - 11, 2011.