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From March 19-23, 2012, DrupalCon Denver 2012 was serving as the heart of networking and as a fountain of interesting ideas in the international information technology industry. Our programmers were participating in this amazing event, which took place in Denver's state-of-the-art Colorado Convention Center. DrupalCon is one of those conferences which is totally outstanding from all the others. It's not just exhibition, it's a valuable experience.

The event took place in Denver, Colorado. It was spread over five days: it started with pre-conference at convention center on Monday and ended on Friday evening. There were luminaries of Drupal development and a lot of world-class speakers from all over the world, among them: Mitchell Baker, Dries Buytaert, Luke Wroblewski and a lot of others. That's why conference was really perfect and useful.

Our main specialists were really impressed, because conference was focused on the main problems and issues of the Drupal community. The main tracks were Drupal developer experience, Drupal media, Drupal marketplace, etc.

Our developers got a lot of advantages from participating of this conference, despite that fact, that they were only listeners at the event:

“Subtitled Quickly Building Webpages with CCK, Representations and Bars” – is it a very useful book for Drupal users?

Drupal sometimes appears to be a complicated monster to manage - but it's just PHP you are acquainted with! The biggest trouble is that it might well be only PHP but at the moment you combine the various jargon and establishment design it can be complicated to manifest your location around. Even reciting the code doesn't become helpful if you are endeavoring to figure out how manifold modules cooperate. It always appears to be hard work.

Building Blocks of Drupal is a programmer’s view of depleting CCK, Panels and Views to create web sites. The huge trouble is that the CCK - Maintenance Construction Kit - is a respectively fresh implementation to Drupal and this book gives no denotation of which release of Drupal it employs to.

DrupalDriven is glad to inform you that it’s starting providing to the customers consulting services on Drupal development. We have a 7-year experience of realizing projects all over the world, great knowledge in Drupal development and Drupal-based services and a solid portfolio of successfully realized projects. All this enables us to provide a quality consulting on Drupal.

The company has recently gained five new specialists, so that now our team includes 50 experienced and creative employees. This growing now allows create a new consulting department. DrupalDriven consulting specialists are glad to offer quality services to both large and small firms as well as individual clients who wants to upgrade their knowledge on Drupal development.

DrupalDriven’s consulting services can solve a wide range of customer’s problems and needs:

  • deeper knowledge of advantages of solutions based on Drupal;
  • installation of Drupal;
  • choosing the most relevant to the customer Drupal modules;
  • customization of themes and modules on Drupal;
  • migration to the 7th version of Drupal;
  • third-party applications integration;
  • hosting and Drupal deployment.

You can get more information about our Drupal consulting services.

Acquia, the deliverer of Drupal endorsement and value-added accommodations, just contracted an onrush of cash — 15 million of US dollars to be strict — to encourage its intension to expand and speed up international dissemination.

Acquia Accomplishes Fourth Period of Sponsorship

Acquia is now three and a half, and it has accomplished its series D sponsorship period, the fourth cycle of sponsorship for the enterprise, elevating US$ 15 million. The latest cycle of sponsorship was slightly twofold the size of the three preceding fundraising rounds. In accordance to Dries Buytaert, the establisher of Drupal and Acquia promoter, this circuit of sponsorship is all about upsurge. The funding will be utilized to enlarge merchandising and marketing function out of the U.S. borders, beginning with Western Europe and striving to Asia. The overriding injection will also enable Acquia to ulterior advancement of its establishment and product supply.

Just in term for DrupalCon London 2011, Acquia, deliverer of Drupal Web CMS attendances, has published the version of some new elements to its Acquia Network proposition. The primary subject is assisting developers to control and expand their Drupal- energized web-pages more simply. The suite contains a new panel board, site-testing instrumentality, training units and some more.

Advancing Drupal Web-pages Through Simpler Administration & Experience Development

The newly-brought into play cloud-founded applications are designed for use with Acquia Cloud, which is a Drupal-optimized hosting attendance for businesses and programmers.

The fresh direct-to-home service is built up to enable programmers come across the answers, instrumentality and exhortation for their websites ruling Drupal. The Acquia vice president of attendance attempts, Peter Guagenti, is assured that the new applications will help editors to enhance their Drupal-related experiences and capacities.

Acquia Network consumers receive admission to our tools, best experiences, training movies from acknowledged Drupal professionals, and the communal acquaintance of Acquia's technological team and associates.

Multifaceted search, or conducted guidance, has reached the status of the de facto norm for e-shops and product-related web-pages. And e-commerce websites aren’t the only ones who acceded to the club: other maintenance-heavy pages such as media editors, libraries and uncommercials are making their best to build-up the most favorable search practice. Multifaceted search is also striking its coarse pitches behind the fire partition, being retrieved in intranets and business search software.

But what to do when the budget to acquire one of those fantastic merchant search apps from the gross single-purposed developers, like Endeca or FAST is not enough?

This is the state where anyone could appear in for instant on a program with a worldwide organization. For example trying to advance the internet data search and quickly understanding that facets are all useless. Like having the deficit of the resources to come on any of the usual developers that might be typically counseled to an e- marketer.

Some perfect free-source facilities have mellowed in last years, now powering some of the best-in-motion multifaceted search applications out there.

So, what can we wait for from the open source layouts in the following month?

CMS Made Easily

In October, the people at CMS Made Simple (news website) released CMSMS 1.10. This became a fresh release, which brings aboard details such as:

  • Endorsement for sluggish module loading
  • Substituted TinyMCE with MicroTiny
  • Renovated module Uploading code
  • Substituted the Printing construction unit with CmsPrinting
  • Emendated the ModuleManager unit setter
  • Preview compatibility options for the News unit
  • Decrease all style-sheets into a unitary cached .css file by reserve
  • Backing for a detached admin URL using SSL
  • Salt paroles for managerial users
  • Supplementary disrepair fixes and intermediated tasks

All together, these intermissions significantly decreased the download dimension for CMSMS 1.10.

Upcoming in 2012, CMS Made Simple is enclosing another GeekMoot symposium in Europe. They will take place on 9th – 10th of March in Northampton, UK. Spring bird tickets are already comprehensible, and there's still tense to set forward a talk. Anticipate more communication about the agenda in November.