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CNP Integrations divulged their possessory transition accommodation for Drupal to Joomla platform transportation, providing to web managers entrance to the well-known Drupal ...

The pair of the most popular Drupal development companies, Phase 2 Technology and SubHub have gathered their powers together to develop a new free standard for programming ...

Acquia, established by Drupal originator Dries Buytaert, has succeeded by setting forward value appended goods and accommodations for the well-known free source maintenance ...

Some time earlier this year the Drupal Company started a procedure of election and creation of a new chamber. An invitation for nominations was led in July and the association reacted with over 50 presentations. The nomination commission expended lot of weeks for the nominations reviews, following up with eventual expectants, till the moment when it finally submitted a list of applicants, which was approved by the chamber. Here comes the new Board of Directors:

Recently DrupalDriven’s programmers took part in the PHPBenelux Conference-2012, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium on January, 27-28. This conference is one of the most popular and large ones. PHPBenelux Conference gathers PHP developers and other IT world specialists in one place to discuss the most interesting from PHP World. There were members and guests from all over the world, that’s why the event was really solid and considerable.

On April 17, 2012, the next Downtown LA Drupal meetup was taking place at Droplabs. This is a coworking space and famous Drupal event.  Programmers from DrupalDriven were taking part in this incredible event, which took place in Downtown Los Angeles.

This meetup was created in 2011 for the community of LA Drupal by members of LA Drupal. It is focused on enjoying Drupal web development practice, serving the better LA Drupal community and lives of its members and enriching the Drupal skills of everyone, who participating in it. Founders of the LA Drupal meetup submit several local area businesses that have deep roots in open source communities and Drupal.

On April 11, 2012 you could participated in amazing Multilingual Initiative meeting dedicated to Drupal 8. During this meeting current top priority tasks were reviewed and some new tasks, which would be in focus in the nearest future, were discussed. Specialists from DrupalDriven were participating in this meeting.