What To Check And Not To Miss After A Drupal Project Launch?

inShare Drupal projects are often of highest value thus it may never hurt to double-check everything even if the project is already launched. Any team of developers may and should use the time before the site is live to make sure everything is great with the following things, as minimum: Let’s begin with preparing emergency support instructions. If the scenario of providing monitoring as well as support services is your case that there is no better time to prepare some instructions that will assist with various emergencies. Those instructions are to be a detailed explanation of both the troubleshooting as well as the communication processes that may occur during any unscheduled outage. Validate SEO improvements you have made in the new site. Capture SEO benchmarks. You may have captured some data before the launch thus you will be able to make a comparison. There are many tools that may assist you with assuring there are no vulnerabilities. Tools that are scanning sites and servers. Now would be a great time to add your site to one of such tools. Disable the older site on the server. Once you site goes live you would wish to turn the old web server off. But I’d rather you to do so with a few days in advance before destroying it for real. There are many things that may be discovered via this approach because who knows what impact the server had and you were not expecting it to. Page not found! Whenever a site launches a huge migration of content and URL changes usually takes place. Thus a quick check for 404s via Drupal log won’t hurt at all and may prevent you from losing something important. If you are not using a particular module now’s a good time to turn it off. There are many of those you won’t be using on a production site. Sure you have done some load tests but may they display any better results than in a production environment? Go through MySQL configurations making necessary adjustments. Now, that MySQL has been running under production traffic it is a great time to check on how it is doing. Having some production data will also help a lot with reviewing your MySQL slow query log. Feel free to do so again and you may find something interesting. Test your restore ensuring all the backups are actually backups. Double-check your key server settings. If you are looking to do some post-launch supporting and/or development then setting up a stage server is something you are to do just about now. Sure there are many more things you may do while the mentioned period of time yet these ones are the essentials. Perhaps you have a list of your own? Feel free to share it in the comments.