What Has 2015 Prepared For Web Design?

Tweet inShare Oh, the internet! A truly magical place where all knowledge gathered by mankind is gently combined with kitten pictures. More and more people are getting connected to this network and all of them are expecting quality resources that are not only content-rich but are attractive at the same time. There is no place to simple great ideas today. All is centric about the way ideas are realized.

The layout, the color, images, responsiveness, and usability: those words mean little to visitors however if web designers were not aware of them internet would have been a really empty place right now. So what do people really expect from web design this year? Big Beautiful backgrounds. It can be an image or even a video – no matter as long as it’s big and fancy. This trend is out in the wild for quite a while now and honestly there are people complaining it is being overused however visitors love it and it is getting more and more popular nevertheless. Image blur is one of the most common effects today but when everybody does it becomes pointless, right? Thus it seems more and more web designers will be going for more creative ways they can work with large backgrounds. Who knows what we will see then. Custom Things. Custom interactive animations when combined with infographics can really do various magical things and are doing a really great job at telling your brand’s story. They are being seen more often today and in fact deserve their spot in web design history. Then there are custom images and videos that are also quite trendy. Sure there are various magnificent stocks, however they tend to be expensive. And if large image backgrounds are in trend and everybody has them what makes you different? A custom photo background nobody else has. And custom photos feel more personal than their all-alike stock counterparts. Not so flat! Flat design is still smoking hot and is facing the same issue large backgrounds do. Everybody has it so now designers have started to experiment with depth of some elements and are adding drop shadows and gradient. By the way buttons that were created with this method have higher conversion rates. These three little trends are revolutionizing and changing the appearance of internet we all love. Do you want to be a part of the trend?