What Acquia is ready to offer for keeping the leading position?

Acquia, well-known provider of Drupal attendance and endorsement has publicized that it is inculcating two new Drupal attendance propositions and that it has obtained two enterprises. Acquia Augments Migration & Safety Services Acquia, established by Drupal originator Dries Buytaert, has succeeded by setting forward value appended goods and accommodations for the well-known free source maintenance management formation, Drupal. The enterprise is delousing its statement as one of the progressive providers by implementing two fresh propositions: Acquia Migration Attendances and Acquia Security Accommodations. Besides the extending of its goods briefcase, Acquia has also acquired Cyrve, which delivers Drupal migration services, and Growing Venture Resolutions, which gives Drupal safety services. Acquia Migration Attendances The neoteric Acquia Migration Attendances is a selection of software instrumentalities, services and best experiences built-up to help organizations transmigrate to Drupal from other different Web CMS frameworks. This becomes a raising demand as bigger amount of conventional businesses elect to take free source CMS instrumentality like Drupal over. The fresh proposition will be eye-catching to organizations that want to speedily switch around maintenance administration platforms and synchronously abbreviate the risk of casting content. Acquia Safety Accommodations The same to the migration suggestion, Acquia Safety Services contains applications and consulting as well. The proposition is targeted at providing organizations with ability to estimate Drupal safety, exploit a safety plan and impregnate security best experiences for the framework. Safety is characteristically one of the most significant areas of anxiety in many businesses; having professionals in Drupal consolidate that their impregnation is secure may be a little of extra firmness that many search for. Purchasing of Fast New Services Acquia seems to be planning on at least partially to encourage its new propositions with the partnerships it has purchased. Cyrve is a respectively young enterprise. In fact, its subsistence was publicized at Drupalcon Boston less than four years ago. Nevertheless, the enterprise gained the popularity speedily migrating huge websites like the Economist.com and Examiner.com to Drupal utilizing their free source Migrate unit, which will stay free and open source in accordance to Cyrve establishers. One more company that is today part of Acquia, Growing Venture Solutions, is a tiny Druapl CMS consultancy, which professionalizes in Drupal. One of the most respectful services they set forward is a Drupal safety overlook using the examination they developed by contributing in the Drupal Safety Team. The enterprise designed a commodity line, Drupal Scout, which is concentrated exceptionally on safety. With a plenty of professional attendances organizations being built up or extending their propositions to include Drupal, Acquia is familiar that it has to keep excelling itself to stay a leader.